• Small Commercial Felt Rolls 5mm Thick – STR30

Small Commercial Felt Rolls 5mm Thick – STR30

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Available Options

15mm Dia = 2,000 pcs per roll

20mm Dia = 2,000 pcs per roll

25mm Dia = 2,000 pcs per roll

28mm Dia = 2,000 pcs per roll

30mm Dia = 2,000 pcs per roll

40mm Dia = 1,000 pcs per roll

50mm Dia = 1,000 pcs per roll


  • Protects floors
  • 1,000 or 2,000 pieces per roll
  • Easy to use and store
  • Amazing value – pennies each
  • 5mm thick pads
  • High quality adhesive
  • Great short-term solution
  • Protect from damage claims

Penny protection. They cost just pennies, but they can make such a huge difference to your floors. When commercial self-adhesive felt costs this little, it’s daft not to protect your floor from scrapes and scratches.

5mm thick self-adhesive felt pads. These 5mm felt pads give you extra cushioning – it’s the recommended thickness to protect flooring from heavyweight furniture.

We insist on quality at Stroolmount. While self-adhesive felt is a short-term solution, we only use high quality adhesive, so you have the confidence that once you’ve stuck it on, it stays put.

Save on self-adhesive felt pads at Stroolmount. It’s because you’re buying self-adhesive felt pads in bulk on a roll. They’re easy to use, easy to store.


Ideal for furniture and flooring fitters, installers and retailers and restaurateurs

Protect your business. No more “Aaaargghh” moments, then an expensive claim. Our felt rolls have helped prevent £thousands in damage claims for our clients.

A simple cost-effective short-term solution. It costs pennies, so it doesn’t really add to your bottom line, but protects the bottom of the furniture – and shows that you’re passionate about your flooring and furniture.