New Furni-glides

Furni-glides let furniture glide over almost all floors and carpet like magic. They stop carpet friction in its tracks. So you can move heavy items quickly, safely and easily.


New Furni-glides

(See below this section for new Furni-glide Recliner Cups)

Carpet friction loves to anchor furniture

Carpet and rug fibres love to grab furniture with their friction, so that it’s almost impossible to move. If you do move it, a lot of your effort can be transferred into the floor – so you’re actually fighting the friction.

You can damage carpet and rugs this way by crushing them, wear them down or cause ripples.

Furni-glides make furniture

glide over carpet, like magic.

Just like a magic carpet, it helps your furniture ‘float’ over the top of the fibre’s friction.

So you can spring clean, redecorate or rearrange a room without needing a rugby team to help you move everything.

 The bigger the better: choose the biggest size the furniture will take as this makes it easier to glide.

 Keep it clean before you start: Just make sure you floor is really clean so no dirt gets scraped along.

6 Sizes: Furni-glides are available in both Self-adhesive and screw in options from sizes 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm ,50mm & 63mm diameters. We also offer a screw in height adjustable foot with a M6 thread.

For retailers and manufacturers: They’re available in packets for retailers or in bulk bags for manufacturers.

Choose our self-adhesive or our screw-in option:

Self-adhesive Furni-glide is a short-term solution but sometimes the only option for metal furniture. Clean and dry the surface before sticking the Furni-glide to it, then leave for 24-hours for the adhesive to stick firmly before moving the furniture.

Screw-in Furni-glide is a long-term solution. Just make a pilot hole and then screw in the Furni-glide. Easy. Where screw-in Furni-glides can’t be used – such as on metal legs – then just use the self-adhesive version.

Why buy Furni-glides:

  • Easy to move heavy objects on carpet
  • Easy to move items from room to room
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Prevents injury
  • Less stress on furniture joints
  • Stops drag-effect on carpets
  • Ideal for delivery vans
  • Great for showrooms

Ideal for:

  • Weighty wardrobes
  • Chests of drawers
  • Ottomans
  • Beds
  • Chests
  • Sideboards
  • Welsh dressers
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Dining tables
  • Office furniture
  • Storage cabinets
  • Desks
  • Workstations
  • Filing cabinets


New Furni-Glide Recliner Glide Cups

Recliner Glide Cups let you enjoy all the luxurious comfort of a recliner, but allow you to easily move the heavy sofa or chair to clean underneath or rearrange your room etc.

Recliners – we love putting our feet up and relaxing on them. The problem is that the internal mechanism is heavy. So once it’s in place in your lounge – it’ll probably stick there. Which gives you two major problems…

Without recliner Glide Cups it’s impossible to clean

Firstly, it’s impossible to get under and properly clean. So dust builds up underneath and around it. So when people visit, you may become conscious or even a bit embarrassed by it. Of course a dust build up becomes an unhealthy breeding ground for dust mites – which are a major cause of asthma, especially in children. 

Without recliner Glide Cups you could cause permanent damage

Secondly, you could cause permanent damage if you try to push it. Most recliner chairs have metal frames that rest on the floor. Push it and the metal could dig into the fibres and rip your carpet or scar your wood or laminate flooring. 

So they only option you have is to lift the recliner chair or sofa. But even if you have the strength, you risk putting your back out – when putting your feet up was all you wanted to do in the first place.

Fortunately, you now have a simple, quick and easy solution to all these problems:

Stroolmount’s new Furni-Glide Recliner Glide Caps.

  • They’re superbly strong and sturdy, but very soft on your flooring.
  • The secret is that the bottom is made from PTFE (that’s Teflon to you and me).
  • It uses the same principle that makes your food not stick when you cook in a non-stick pan.
  • The Glide Caps stay put when you sit down. But when you give them a gentle push, they simply glide swan-like across the floor with a minimum of effort.
  • So you don’t hurt your back or your floor or your budget with a costly repair.

  • So now you can clean or rearrange your room as often as you want.
  • They’re quick and simple to fit – they just bolt to the base of the recliner chair or settee’s base.








Furni-glide self-adhesive

Furni-glide self-adhesive

Furni-glidesFurni-glides from Stroolmount are available in sizes 25mm up to 50mm. They are also avai..

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