• Furni-glides Self-adhesive 50mm x 4pcs

Furni-glides Self-adhesive 50mm x 4pcs

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Package contents:

  • 50mm x 8pcs Furni-glides
  • Just ask if you want this size in a different quantity          

Also available separately:

Other sizes and screw-in versions, 100-piece bulk bags, plus Recliner glides for chairs and sofas are available separately.

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  • Moves even heavy furniture easily on carpet
  • Reduces drag damage on carpets
  • Easy to move items from room to room
  • Quick to fit
  • Reduces stress on furniture joints
  • Great for homes and for the trade
  • For homes, hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants
  • Protects the trade against damage claims 

Furni-glide is like a magic carpet: Furni-glide frees furniture from being anchored to carpets and rugs. Carpet fibres can’t ‘grab’ your furniture as the Furni-glide ‘floats’ above it.

Furni-glide makes light work or heavy furniture: from sofas, storage cabinets and super-sized sideboards to weighty welsh dressers and wardrobes can all be moved easily to a different room.

Furni-glides help furniture glide with ease: It's all thanks to the PTFE (that's Teflon to you and me). It uses the same principle that helps your food from sticking to a non-stick pan.

Furni-glides protect your furniture and flooring: Your carpets are protected with reduced crushing and premature wearing. Your furniture’s joints are protected from suddenly leaning to one side as the carpet anchors the feet.

Furni-glides protect your back: It lets you use your energy horizontally to move items, not fight the friction of the flooring fibres. So you can move it easily without hurting you back.

Easy to fit: Just stick on.

Time for a change? If you’re redecorating your room, or rearranging the rooms layout, or giving it a thorough spring clean, then grab a pack of Furni-glide and you can move your furniture with ease. 

View it on video: see how easily a sideboard slides with Furni-glide.