• 16-Piece Felt Packet – 1 Inch (25mm) Diameter – 5mm Thick – Small Own Card – STR-11-SOC

16-Piece Felt Packet – 1 Inch (25mm) Diameter – 5mm Thick – Small Own Card – STR-11-SOC

  • Product Code: STR-11-SOC
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We can produce Self-Adhesive Felt pads with your branding on them and on the packaging.

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16pcs x 1 inch (25mm) dia


  • 16 pieces in 1 great value pack
  • Protects surfaces
  • 1” diameter
  • Use on chairs, stools, tables and more
  • For your home, office or wherever you work
  • 5mm thick pads
  • High quality adhesive
  • Great short-term solution
  • Protects against damage claims

The ideal size. 1-inch diameter is perfect for chair legs, table legs, bar stools, footstools, entertainment cabinets and more.

Perfect protection. The 5mm thick felt gives any furniture – even heavy furniture – a layer of cushioning to soften the impact onto solid wood, laminates, tiles and more. They help protect from scrapes and scratches, dents and dimples that damage your floor.

Great value protection. You spend a fortune on flooring, so it makes sense to spend a few pence to protect it and keep it looking its best.

5mm thick self-adhesive felt pads. Ordinary felt pads offer protection that’s so-so. Not so at Stroolmount. We insist that our felt pads are 5mm thick – as that’s the recommended thickness to offer exceptional cushioning to heavy furniture.

Quality that sticks. While it’s a short term solution, our adhesive is of the highest standards – strong enough to stay in place when it’s stuck onto legs etc., but flexible enough when it eventually wears down, to peel it off and add another one.


Ideal for homes, offices, boutiques bars and furniture & flooring fitters and installers.

Avoid expensive damage claims. Add a Self-Adhesive Felt Packet to cushion furniture, protect floors and help prevent expensive damage claims.