• Bulk Bag 100 x 22mm Furni-glides Screw-in

Bulk Bag 100 x 22mm Furni-glides Screw-in

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Furni-glides are great for the trade too

Ideal for showrooms, furniture delivery vans, furniture and flooring fitters and installers.

Protects your business: It protects your furniture and the flooring from expensive damage claims and protects your back from injury too.


22mm x 100-Piece Screw-in Furni-glide Bulk Bag


  • Moves even heavy furniture easily on carpet
  • Reduces drag damage on carpets
  • Easy to move items from room to room
  • Quick to fit
  • Reduces stress on furniture joints
  • Great for homes and for the trade
  • For homes, hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants
  • Protects the trade against damage claims

Ideal for the trade: 100 Furni-glide for showrooms, furniture delivery vans, furniture and flooring fitters and installers.

Save £££s for your business: It protects your flooring and furniture from costly insurance damage claims and protects backs from injury and sickness leave too.

Wave goodbye to your ripples: Furni-glides protect your carpets from rippling and from being  prematurely worn down.

No joint pain in old age. Don’t let the carpet fibre’s anchor your furniture’s feet, so that it won’t budge or worse still the top suddenly leans as the joints have been fatally weakened. Furni-glide helps your furniture ‘float’ above all the fibre friction so its lifespan is lengthened.

Heavy-furniture – Furni-glide slides it with ease: sofas, storage, sideboards or wardrobes and welsh dressers are so easy to glide to a new position.

Furni-glides help furniture glide with ease: It's all thanks to the PTFE (that's Teflon to you and me). It uses the same principle that helps your food from sticking to a non-stick pan.

Stick it or screw-it? Choose either the self-adhesive short-term solution or the screw-in long-term solution.

It’s OK to keep changing your mind. With Furni-glide you can change your room as often as you want whether it’s rearranging the pieces or redecorating the walls. And when you want to clean every nook and cranny, you can easily move the furniture out the way to get behind it.

Prove it: see how easy it is for furniture to move on our video.