• 4-Piece Individual Move-it Pad Sliders Packet – STR19

4-Piece Individual Move-it Pad Sliders Packet – STR19

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1 packet contains 4 Move-it pad sliders


  • Moves even heavy furniture easily
  • Easy to move items from room to room
  • Use on carpets, wood, laminate, tiles and more
  • Felt-attachment available for delicate surfaces
  • Quick to fit
  • Reduces stress on furniture joints
  • Reduces drag on carpets
  • Great for homes and for the trade
  • For homes, showrooms, hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants
  • Protects the trade against damage claims 

Magic on carpet: No more friction stubbornly anchoring your furniture to the floor. Move-it pad sliders are specially made to ‘float’ across carpets. Add the optional felt attachment to smoothly slide over wood and laminate floors, tiled floors and other delicate surfaces.

Take the weight off: from weighty wardrobes and welsh dressers to sofas, storage cabinets and substantial sideboards – this set of Move-it pad sliders moves them all with ease.

Protects your furniture: Move-it pad sliders help furniture float over friction. So your furniture’s legs aren’t grabbed and the joints aren’t weakened as it suddenly lurches to one side.

Protects your back: With Move-it pad sliders, you’re not fighting floor friction. Your furniture ‘floats’ above it, so you won’t put your back out when you put your back into it.

Simple to fit: Just pop it under each corner of the unit.

Be as fickle as you like: If you like to rearrange your room every now and then, then get a pack of Move-it pads and you can move your furniture around with ease.

Redecorating? Spring cleaning? Then grab yourself a pack of Move-it pad sliders and save yourself a lot of effort. It’s now easy to get behind wardrobes, chests of drawers or move dining tables and office furniture to a different room.

See it with your own eyes: watch how a sideboard is moved with ease in our video.



Ideal for showrooms, furniture delivery vans, furniture and flooring fitters and installers.


Protects your business: It makes moving easy, protects both the furniture and the flooring from expensive damage claims and saves backs from injury too.