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Which QuickClick glide do I need?

QuickClick Wood/Laminate/Vinyl Glide
Protects wooden floors, laminates, Vinyl, linoleum  and other mostly smooth services.

QuickClick Carpet Glide

No more drag-effect and ‘carpet scaring’. QuickClick helps your furniture glide over carpets. It also helps the joints on your furniture.

Please note: you’ll never stop indents in carpets but QuickClick could help reduce the size and impact.

QuickClick Tiled Glide

Ideal for all types of tiled floors. This Tile Glide has a slightly coarser, longer-lasting felt than the Wood/Laminate version.


QuickClick Anti-slip Glide (Picture of whitish glide)

Ideal for items you do not wish to move around once in place, such as beds, sofas, large tables etc.

Top Tip: fix two felt glides onto the back legs of a sofa and two anti-slip on the front. This keeps it in place and makes it easier to clean: you’ve no need to lift up the whole thing, just lift the front of the sofa and slide it forward.

 What size do I need?

  1. Measure the base of the object and choose a glide that’s slightly smaller. So if your chair leg base measures 30mm, then a 25mm diameter glide would be fine.
  2. Choose the style of glide to suit your flooring – i.e. wood/laminate, tiled, carpet, anti-slip etc.

 How do I fit QuickClick?

  1. Screw the QuickClick base into the selected object. Do not over-tighten as this can reduce its efficiency.
  2. Click the glide into the base. Easy. Now your floor and furniture is protected.

To replace a glide: just insert a small screwdriver into the hole positioned in the side of the QuickClick base and click it out.

WARNING: Do not insert the glide prior to fixing the base as it will then make it very difficult to remove.

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