Castor Cups - Wood-effect

Castor Cups – with felt to protect your floor

  • Wood-effect Castor Cups
  • See our separate Brass Castor cups for extra luxury
  • See our separate Chrome Castor Cups for extra luxury

Castor Cups prevent damage to flooring caused by castor wheels. So they’re ideal for sofas, lounge chairs and beds, but can also be used with chair and table feet. You can also use Castor Cups for tables and dining chairs.

Felt base for extra protection

Unlike some others, our Castor Cups have a felt base to give extra protection on smooth floors. So they any dents, scuffs, scars and scratches so your flooring stays looking its best for longer.

Each packet contains:

4 Wood-effect Castor Cups with a felt base for smooth floors or without for carpets.

Available in either 44mm or 60mm diameter.

Ideal for:

  • Sofas and couches
  • Lounge chairs
  • Chaise longues
  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Chairs

Why buy Castor Cups

  • So simple, so effective and so little cost
  • Prevent damage to floors from castor wheels
  • Reduces scratches, scrapes, scuffs and small indentations
  • Versatile use – from beds to tables, sofas to couches
  • Cushioning felt base
  • Wood-effect in 44mm or 60mm sizes to fit standard castors

“Delighted with the Castor Cups. I bought several packs as we have just laid new wooden floors upstairs and needed to protect it from castors and the legs of heavy furniture.”

Wood-effect Castor Cups – 44mm – STR03

Wood-effect Castor Cups – 44mm – STR03

Contents: 4-Pieces per packet – 44mm cup. Trade buy: 10 packets per box. Ideal for cha..

Wood-effect Castor Cups – 60mm – STR02

Wood-effect Castor Cups – 60mm – STR02

Contents 4 pcs per packet 60mm cup 10pkts per box Contents: 4-Pieces per packet – 60mm cupTra..

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