Move-it Pads . How to use them

Move-it Pads . How to use them

How to use Move-it Pads

Ensure your floor area is clean: a little grit that’s pushed along by a pad will still damage a hard surface.

Place each of the four sliders under a corner or leg – with the blue foam side facing upwards.

Is your floor wood, laminate or polished? We highly recommend that you opt for the Self-Adhesive Felt for delicate surfaces.

 The reason is simple: if you don’t add the Self-Adhesive Felt and then got a bit of grit in the Move-It pad, the grit could scratch your floor every time you move it.

The Self-Adhesive Felt easily attaches to the white underside of the Move-It pad.

Self-Adhesive Felt: Once the Self-Adhesive Felt is stuck to the Move-It pad, you’ll only be able to move your furniture on smooth surfaces. There would be too much friction if it was used on carpet.


Give your Move-It pads an occasional quick wipe with some polish. This removes any lingering static, restores your Move-It pads to their best and lets you continue to move furniture with ease.

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