• 90-Packet Self-Adhesive Felt Display Stand Standard – STR100

90-Packet Self-Adhesive Felt Display Stand Standard – STR100

  • Product Code: STR100
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Display Stand plus 20 Packets in total:

  • 10 Packets x STR11 (16piece Felt Packet 1-inch 25mm diameter)
  • 10 Packets x STR12 (2piece Felt Packet 6x43/8-inch 152x111x3mm)
  • 10 Packets x STR13 (4piece Felt Packet 3-inch 75mm diameter)
  • 10 Packets x STR14 (8piece Felt Packet 1½-inch 38mm diameter)
  • 10 Packets x STR15 (8pieces Felt Packet L-Shape 2inch 50x50mm)
  • 10 Packets x STR16 (20piece Felt Packet ¾ inch 19mm diameter)
  • 10 Packets x STR17 (8pieces Felt Packet 1¼ c 17/8 inch 32 x45mm diameter)
  • 20 Packets x STR10 (42-piece Multi Pack)


All your protection in one

  • An eye-catching display stand

  • Plus, 90-packets of self-adhesive felt

  • Great value – 1500 pieces for just a few pence each

  • Different sizes and shapes for every furniture

  • High quality adhesive

  • Great short-term solution

  • Protects against damage and claims

A great way to display. Our smart Point Of Sale Display helps sell the felt to your customers as add-on sales. Think of it as your silent salesman that helps you cut down on your overheads. By going vertical, you can maximise your display and minimise your footprint.

Ideal for retailers, installers, wholesalers or anyone in the furniture and flooring business.

Perfect protection. Circles, oblongs, L-shapes and sheets are all here to help you and your customers protect floors from scratches and scrapes, from chair and table legs, plus the corners of bigger furniture items like cabinets, wardrobes and even office furniture. They help protect you from expensive damage claims too.

Great locations get great results: put these stands by tills, entrances and sit down areas.

Boost your bottom line: Create add on sales to your furniture and flooring

Only the best quality at Stroolmount. We insist on high quality adhesive, so it won’t just slide off as soon as the chair is scraped back from the table.