• 7-piece Quickclick Dining Set – Tiled – STR45

7-piece Quickclick Dining Set – Tiled – STR45

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Tiled glides with brown felt for 6 chairs and 1 table:

  • 20mm Quickclick 7pc Dining Set: 24 x 20mm for chair legs, 4 x 30mm for table legs
  • 25mm Quickclick 7pc Dining Set: 24 x 25mm for chair legs, 4 x 30mm for table legs
  • 30mm Quickclick 7pc Dining Set: 24 x 30mm for chair legs, 4 x 30mm for table legs                                   


  • Exclusive to Stroolmount in the UK
  • Award-winning protection system
  • Ideal set for a table and 6 chairs
  • Protects tiles from damage
  • Reduces stress on table and chair legs
  • Reduces noise – no more scraping
  • Durable, long-term solution
  • Easy to install
  • High quality adhesive
  • For homes, hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants
  • Protects the trade against damage claims 

The ideal all-in-one table set on tiled floors. This Quickclick set has glides for a 4-legged table and 6 chairs. So choose a set for your dining table and chairs and also for your kitchen table or breakfast bar and bar stools.

Protect your tiles. Tiles are not cheap. They can scratch get damaged or even crack. So Quickclick system gives you the protection you want and the peace of mind you need.

Protect your table and chairs – and your hearing. Chairs scraping back and forth at the dinner table are tough on the ears. They can also fatally weaken the joints too. Quickclick is an award-winning long-term solution that smoothly glides over tiles, to protect your floors and your ears.

Award-winning innovative design. It’s a simple, smart solution. And so easy to fit. The base just screws into the wooden legs of the table and chairs. The middle part just clicks in. Then you just stick on the felt base. When the cushioning felt eventually wears down, you can swap over another in seconds.

First , foremost and exclusive to Stroolmount. QuickClick is the first flexible UK system that protects with interchangeable and replacement glides. You won’t find Quickclick on any high street – it’s exclusive to Stroolmount in the UK.


Ideal for homes and home offices, hotels and offices, cafés and bars & restaurants.

Protect damage claims to tables and chairs. Insurance claims for damage can be costly, so it makes sense to protect your tiled flooring and furniture business with Quickclick.