• Display Box with 20 Packets of Quickclick 7-Piece Dining Sets - STR61

Display Box with 20 Packets of Quickclick 7-Piece Dining Sets - STR61

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Display box with your choice of Carpet, Tiled or Wood Quickglides (please email with the styles you require) :

  • 20mm x 20packets of (Quickclick 7-piece Dining Set)
  • 25mm x 20packets of Quickclick 7-piece Dining Set)
  • 20mm x 10 packets, 25mm x 10 packets of (Quickclick 7-piece Dining Set)


  • An eye-catching display stand
  • Displays 20 Quickclick packets
  • Exclusive to Stroolmount in the UK
  • Award-winning protection system
  • Protects your carpets and rugs,
    your furniture’s joints and your back
  • Durable, long-term solution
  • Easy to install

Great way for the trade to display: It helps you gain add-on sales to boost your margins. It silently sells the benefits of Quickclick when customers browse.

Maximum impact, minimum footprint: by displaying upwards rather than outwards, you can save more of your precious floor space for your products.

Ideal for retailers, installers, wholesalers or anyone in the furniture and flooring business.

Perfect POS-ition: place these Quickclick display stands in high traffic areas by entrances and tills – and also by sit down areas.

Protect your carpets, your dining sets and your customer’s backs. Quickclick helps protect carpets and rugs from being crushed, worn down or damaged. It protects dining sets from having their joints fatally weakened when the table is moved – and also protects your customers backs too.

No.1 and still the best. QuickClick is the UK’s first system with interchangeable and replacement glides. It’s won awards throughout Europe and is exclusive to Stroolmount in the UK.